In connection with the National Education Day which falls on May 2 every year, today’s edition of Miscellany will be discussing  the national education in Indonesia.

Ing ngarso sung Tulodo, Ing madyo Mangun Karso, and Tut wuri handayani, is a Javanese phrase which expresses the basic of education in Indonesia. It means to teach or educate somebody one must be  in front  to give an example, in the middle to give  guidance and in the rear line   to give  encouragement from behind. Ki Hajar Dewantara an Indonesian  educational figure  is the man behind the beautiful phrase that has a vey deep meaning in. Education is one an important factor for the development of the nation and country. The spirit of learning among children Indonesia is expected to advance  the nation despite  the shortage of teaching and learning facilities in some areas.

Teachers in Indonesia have also started to develop and adapt the way they teach. This to evoke the learning spirit of the children. To commemorate National Education Day on May 2nd, every school in Indonesia holds a flag ceremony. This year the  theme of the commemoration is  “Education and Culture As Intelligence Movement and Generation Growth with  Pancasila Character “. The theme  aims to bring a better quality of education and  leading in the world.

In order to celebrate  the National Education Day, the Indonesian government also released guidelines for the flag hoisting ceremony including to the Indonesian embassy   in several countries. The national education ministry website in its release also says that if possible,  every educational institution n Indonesia make a pilgrimage to the tomb of Ki Hajar Dewantara in the area of Yogyakarta. In addition, schools are also asked to carry out activities to develop student learning.

The activities include installing a banner that contains the theme of this year’s national education day at every school and educational institution to generate and animate the national education. Although there has been a lot of cooperation with other  countries to boost the quality of education in Indonesia, yet the development of education in Indonesia still relatively slow. Efforts continue to be made by the government among others by offering  scholarships for students in Papua.

This is certainly welcomed by the students in Papua province. Papua is indeed the most eastern area of Indonesia which  is sometimes still escaping  the attention of the central government. Offering scholarships to students Papua is a way out to develop the quality of education in the region. Knowledge  is a very valuable inheritance. Hopefully the national education is growing with better education system .

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